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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to The Dentist

Well I went to the dentist got shot and got all numb and well the dentist worked on mom I just sorta wandered around taking pictures. It was really fun I think everybody got a kick out of it.

                                                        The SCARY receptionist.
                                                   Noooooo Here he comes!
                                                       With all his tools!

                                                          The huge big NEEDLE!
                                              You wont feel any pain YEEAOWE(he has the needle in his hand )
                                                 I'm Fading out JK
                                                    Torture instrument.LOL
                                                          One of the assistants.
                                                          Hands everywhere.
                                                         Mom in the background.
                                             OOOOOOOOOUUUUUCCCHHHH.(it didn't really hurt)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Window Light

Hello everybody, sorry I havent posted for so long but I have been Busy(no excuse I Know;).

Having fun trying to take a picture of Caleb in a little bit of a  different way :)) 

One day I had to grab one of my siblings for five mins to try shooting with just window light.(I'll have to try it some more)
Hope you all had a merry Christmas!!
I am so glad that Jesus Came to die that we may live!!!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Stuff With My Flash

                                                       Silhouette !!

Back lighting the hair!!
 I took this shot with my flash as main light (I set it on a tripod then Matt held a soft box thing I made on it :)


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello all!!Well I got a canon flash (yippee!!;)speedlite430ex II and wireless kit for it  so it is an off camera flash. it is totally awesome. still don't really know how to use it but still it's cool.

Down below is a picture I took with the flash back lighting it.



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